How To Become A Bath Sugar & Body Spice Consultant And Take Control Of Your Income

Having an income of $2,000 or more a month is possible. The beauty industry is a 532 billion dollar industry and is constantly growing. With constant growth comes constant income. With Bath Sugar & Body Spice you can start earning instantly.


We here at Bath Sugar & Body Spice are here to give you flexible and unlimited income to earn. With options of in person or online sales we make becoming a consultant with earnings easy and fast. With options of selling skincare, hair care, nail products and online classes the earning possibilities are versatile and endless.


How would you earn from being a consultant?


When you become a Bath Sugar & Body Spice consultant you control your sales. By that we mean you start the journey of sales and market your products to make new income. A code will be given to you to keep track of all of your sales online and in person. This means you can start selling with no cost other than your sample kit and marketing. This system gives you the control and versatility to control your sales and make as much money as you can without the cost of large inventory.


With your given code we track your sales and you earn a commission of 25% . For example selling 10 of the Moon Water Facial Kit will earn your a commission of $137.50. We don’t stop when it comes to earning ability that is why when you earn over $1,000 for the month your commission rate will leap to 35%. This means selling 10 of the same Moon Water Facial Kit will how earn you $192.50.


What you need to get started


When you are approved to be a Bath Sugar & Body Spice consultant you need to choose your sample kit. Sample kits are one of your biggest tools to gain sales. Statically samples increase your sales rate by 30% and introduce customers already engaged by you to buy multiple new products. You will choose the sample kits of your choice giving you the freedom to determine which market you are serving. Sample kits start at $50 and have a large range of essential products that you can introduce to your clients and secure sales.


How to get started today

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