A Little Aroma Can Mean A Whole Lot!

I love experiencing beautiful scents that take me to new places or bring me back to familiar happy times. There are many different ways to get your aroma fix, your favorite perfume, a select laundry detergent, a cozy candle and the list goes on and on.

Till this very day I remember the scent of my baby girl. When I'm looking at old family photo albums, reminiscing about the past with family at functions or when I catch a glance of her looking all grown up, it all comes right back to me. I can see that little girl and smell that aroma of lavender, vanilla and chamomile. I made my own blend of natural baby powder for my baby and it became her own calling card for many years. This aroma evokes feelings of love, happiness, joy, tenderness and bliss that will forever be associated with my child and my motherhood to me.

Here Is The Recipe I Used:

  • 1 cup arrowroot powder

  • 1/2 cup bentonite clay

  • 1 teaspoon chamomile powder

  • 3 drops vanilla absolute/essential oil

  • 2 drops lavender


Glass Shaker


Whisk arrowroot powder, bentonite clay and chamomile powder together in glass bowl.

Add essential oils and whisk again until completely blended.

Cover bowl with linen or cotton towel and allow to dry overnight.

Next day whisk again to fluff .

Sift into Glass shaker with lid.

Store in airtight glass container in a dry area away from direct light. Discard after 5 months.

How To Use:

Dust baby's bum with powder after baths and in between diaper changes. Can also be lightly rubbed in those cute chubby folds found on arms and legs to ensure baby stays dry and smell lovely.


Although there are thousands of choices in the perfume world today I think it's much more romantic to pick a signature scent that lets everyone know who you are in the dark when you come close. We offer our clients personalized aroma formulation to allow them to shine uniquely. One of my favorite aroma services that we offer is the Wedding Wonderland. This is a detailed creation of the perfume that a bride and or groom would wear on their wedding day and honeymoon. After that day they would not wear this perfume again until their anniversary each year, making this perfume their calling card to love.

I tend to stick to the signature scents I created for myself, one for the winter and one for summer and spring, but every once in a little while I will go off the grid and sport a new fragrance. It is a good idea to try new things especially if your haven't yet found your thing yet. I always find my way back to my signature scents and that's ok with me because it ignites me each time I dab it on. It's light, mellow, spicy, sweet and rounded. It's me and those that get close enough know it's me.

Give fragrance time let it mix with your chemistry. Breath out then inhale in deeply, give it more time and repeat. Find your favorite and start making memories. How will your Calling Card Smell?

Want to make your own blend? Contact us today and let use help you create it for your special day. Bath Sugar & Body Spice Boutique Custom Design

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