Facial Care That Sets A New Standard

Updated: Mar 4

Perfect skin does not always come from our genes. How we treat our skin makes a huge difference in how it treats us.

What are your skin care routines and habits? I think skin care habits are truly a personal thing. What works for one may not for another. I have heard raves about one oil from one client and dislike has been expressed by another who has found love in a completely opposite cream. your everyday routines will determine the results you get and how long you keep them.

Where do you start? You have to try a routine and it doesn't hurt to know a skin care expert like me (insert smiling face here). So let me introduce the Moon Water Collection the gravity defying power house. This collection was created to bring healthy, serious skin care that brings big beautiful results, is gentle, doable for the masses and defies gravity.

What else makes this Moon Water stuff so special? Ummm just this little thing called butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flower contains so many skin loving things that nourish the skin. High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it is so wonderful for the skin. Fight those free radicals, protect from pollution and prevent premature ageing. Infused into the Moon Water Collection it just gives a bright stunning, glow to the skin and defies that gravity. Keeping the skin tight, elastic and collagen plenty.

Here is what can be expected from the Moon Water Collection that includes

Just a few of the benefits your skin will experience with this kit.

Your Face Will Be:

  • Moisturized

  • Glowing

  • Healthy

  • Young

  • Polished

  • Beautiful

  • Protected

  • Hydrated

  • Supple

  • ETC.....

Making the Moon Water Collection a regular part of your skin care routine will work wonders, but it is important to understand that there are no short cuts. Be consistent. when you see your skin looking fabulous don't get to confident and slack on your daily use. Keep going to continue seeing the goodness. Trust me you will kick yourself down the line if you don't, but you will for sure kiss yourself if you keep up with the progress and defy gravity for years to come.

To sum it all up this collection will clean, clear, hydrate and brighten the skin leaving you looking beautifully refreshed and young. Take a walk on the moon with us and discover how light things can be when you defy gravity.

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