As we all know right now we are dealing with some unexpected alone time that has been thrust upon us. I mean who would have thought a few months ago that we would be dealing with a nationwide scare that would have us all being advised to stay in as much as possible, abandon our jobs, halt interaction with other humans and basically wait till we are told it is safe to come out again. Talk about your hard pause button.

I am deferentially No expert on the nations current situation aka COVID-19 , but I am quite versed on letting go and letting the universe. I know that we must keep up with all the information surrounding this situation and I plan to stay updated every step of the way, but rather than going crazy with uncertainty while in quarantine here are some things we can do to make good use of our free time.

it is true that when we take care of ourselves it gives us a feeling of power over our health at this time of feeling powerless.

Caring for our hair on our own is not always easy so why not take this time to give your locks some TLC. A real DEEEEP condition to the hair will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your hair, scalp and mood. So why not lathering your head with deep conditioner section by section, massaging the scalp properly, stretching your curls or stands with a wide tooth comb and putting on a real plastic cap (or bag if you can not find caps inside your home ) and sitting under a warm dryer ( I use the ones that attaches to your handheld blow dryer so I can lounge in bed while I wait), but if you don't have one don't sweat it just sit a little longer with the conditioner on your hair.

Now that we have time to really improve on our self care and well being it is great time to beautify and take care of our faces. facials change the appearance and health of the skin. Now that we get to skip our daily dose of pollution it is a great time to start a skincare routine or improve on one you already have. I like everything to be as natural a possible

  • Start with cleansing to ensure your face is clean and ready to accept the goodness you are about to administer.

  • Next up on the list is some stimulating steaming that will help to soften and open up the pores. This will allow you to cleanse on a deeper level and aide in getting rid of blackheads and other clogging buggers. If you don't have a facial steamer boil some water pour the water into a bowl CAREFULLY lean over the bowl with a towel over your head making sort of a tent to hold the stem in allowing it to penetrate.

  • Why not apply a mask that can tighten, firm, detox and administer a large dose of nutrients directly to your skin. facial mask offer an immediate visual look and feel to the skin and are kinda the meditation portion of the skin care routine. One of my favorites is Pure Lavender Facial Mask For Sensitive Skin.

  • Now it's time for some relaxing MASSAGING action. Take your time applying your creams and serums allow your fingers to deeply massage the face. This will remove puffiness, prevent wrinkles, improve circulation, relax the face, increase collagen production and give a great glow to the skin.

This will take quite a bit of time and trust me it is worth it. Enjoy it and see / feel how beautiful your skin will be. Plus you can take a nice little nap while you wait for your mask to settle with some cucumbers over you eyes. Pick your perfect fit here, you will find all you need to pamper your face.

That's it for now guys, but I will be back with other self care ideas and recipes so until then keep smiling.

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