Positive Massage

Mind Body And Spirit

When we created our massage oils we started with the intention to relax, but we also wanted to offer some additional benefits.

We are very familiar with the positive results of massage.

Stress Management



Sleep Aide

Circulation Improvement

Flexibility Increasing


With all that being said, when a great massage is paired with an oil that moves fluidly it is just truly enjoyable.

We knew that we would only use plant based oils that would feel great on the body, be light and offer quality moisturizing. Not only are you getting a massage you are also pampering your skin while encouraging soft, smooth and supple skin. We made sure that our oil blend was not greasy or sticky, this was important too.


Once the base elements of the oil were incorporated we decided to add in signature essential oil blends that would offer the emotional support that was most needed.

1 Relaxed

2 Uplifted

3 Stimulated

Most of our clients express the need to feel at the least one of these feeling throughout the week. Most needed to feel all 3.

The essential oils we have combined will provide you with what you need. Just pick up a bottle spritz a bit, enjoy the smooth gliding massage, inhale and experience the benefits of it all.

We enjoy sharing pure goodness with everyone and are so happy that we have the opportunity to introduce everyone to this life changing massage oil that has added joy and peace to so many lives.

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