Moon Water Face Preparation

Moon Water Face Preparation

Skincare that is effective. Moon Water Preparation  is an refreshing and rejuvenating mist that will make sure that your skin is prepped and ready to receive serums, oils, makeups etc. It will also leave your skin with a beautiful airbrushed, photo finnish.


Moon Water Face Preparation will give an extra layer of clean and clear to your skin while offering soothing and calming hydration to the facial skin. This mist is cool and refreshing.


It is a must have edition to your skincare routine as it is gentle on the face and packed with effective ingredients like aloe and butterfly pea flower. 


The Butterfly Pea Flower in this Moon Water Preparation will:


  •  Increase Elasticity
  • Brighten
  • Boost Collagen
  • Make Skin Supple To Receive Serums & Oils
  • Hydrate
  • Cool
  • Prevent Sagging & Wrinkling
  • Calm


Try this with the entire collection to see unbelievable results that you will love.



How to use: Cleanse face with moon water face wash. Follow with a mist of moon water Preparation. Avoiding eyes. Follow with Moon water facial cream. Enjoy a beautiful bright glow.


Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice, citric acid, butterfly

pea extract, chamomile, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate

2 fl oz


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