Powerful Hair Hot Oil Treatments

Powerful Hair Hot Oil Treatments

Powerful Hair Hot Oil Treatment Shots include a mix of natural oils that treat your hair and scalp. 

Get a healthy scalp that allows hair to grow freely while giving your hair a cocktail that it will drink up.


This mix will leave hair


  • Shiny


  • Vibrant



  • Stronger


  • Thicker over time


  •  Smelling Great 


Add needed moisture & nutrients to your hair to obtain healthy, soft, hydrated, manageable, shiny & longer hair.

How to use:

Pour warm water (Do Not Boil) into a cup or bowl & place the hair shot bottle in. Allow the the oil to warm for a few minutes then apply oil to hair. Begin massaging starting from the scalp working your way down to the ends of hair. (depending on hair length you may not need the entire bottle. If any is left recap for future use). Apply a plastic cap over hair & allow to penetrate for 10 minutes with heat or 15 minutes without heated dryer. Thoroughly rinse & wash hair,  add conditioner & rinse. Then enjoy noticeably improved hair. Repeat this regiment every weekly for best hair results. 

INGREDIENTS - olive oil, Jojoba oil , Jamaica castor oil, vitamin e, lavender oil, mint, tea tree oil, rosemary, essential oils


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