Powerful Hair Royal Jelly Treatment

Powerful Hair Royal Jelly Treatment

This Hair Treatment Is Powerful. It is packed with hair nurturing ingredients that promote hair growth like:


Royal Jelly Honey


  • Regulates, retain moisture & Promotes hair growth by strengthening hair follicles


Shea Butter  


  • Protects, maintains, shines & promotes over all scalp health & wellness


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  


  • Stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles & feeds in shine


 Aloe Juice


  • Conditions, leaves hair smooth & shiny, Promote hair growth & prevents scalp issues


Add needed moisture & nutrients to your hair to obtain healthy, soft, hydrated manageable, shiny longer hair.


How to use:


Shampoo hair then apply an ample amount of the Powerful Hair Treatment ensuring that each strand is saturated. Apply a plastic cap over hair & allow to penetrate for 10 to 15 minute with or without heated dryer. Thoroughly rinse & shampoo hair, then add conditioner & rinse. Then enjoy noticeably improved hair.  Repeat this treatment every two weeks for best hair results. 


As with all real things in life the more persistent you are the better results you will see.


Ingredients- royal jelly honey, shea butter, aloe juice, evening primrose, coconut,olive oil, Jamaica castor oil,  marshmallow root extract, vitamin e, lavender oil, mint, tea tree oil, essential oils, optiphin (natural preservative)

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